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Do Horses Need Shelter From Rain?(Know All Facts)

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Horses need shelter for many purposes. If you are wondering whether horses need shelter during rain, then this blog post is for you.

Do Horses Need Shelter From Rain?

Horses are very similar to humans in that they need shelter from the rain just like we do. Horses can become stressed and even ill if forced to remain out during inclement weather like rain. Because horses don’t have an insulating layer of fat, when it’s cold outside or raining, the horse is at risk for several health issues. Horses need a dry place where they can remain out of the elements so that their coat doesn’t get soaked through with water which will cause discomfort.

If your horse is strong and healthy, then you don’t have to worry about that. Strong horses travel long distances, even in the rain for some periods, but when it comes to a big load of rain, then they seek shelter. 

Does It Hurt A Horse To Be Out In The Rain?

Wet weather can cause various skin fungal infections and hoof issues, including the painful condition called rain rot. 

If your horse spends long sessions in wet conditions, there is a chance they could develop this highly infectious skin issue that may get into their bloodstream over time.

Should Horses Be Left Out In The Rain?

Generally, it depends on the weather. If weather conditions are too severe and you know that it would rain so hard, it would cause a problem for horses. 

When it’s not wet weather, horses prefer to be outside. But, unfortunately, in too much rain, horses got rain rot, which kills the beauty of horses. 

Rain rot destroys their skin condition, and it becomes so rough. So you need to pay attention to their skin.

Can Horses Get Sick From Being In The Rain?

Horses don’t have tough skin like elephants. Instead, they have beautiful hair and soft skin.

It is not uncommon to find different kinds of bacteria in the soil. When heavy rain causes them to contact the body, it could lead to infections, for example, rain rot and dew poisoning. 

These would be such common examples of infections that horses have if they went out in the rain.

Make sure you take proper care of them when taking them in rain or any bad weather.

Do Horses Get Cold In The Rain?

Horses are known to be tough animals, and you can take them out in the rain without worrying about harming their health. 

However, it is still better if they do not get wet as this will make them feel uncomfortable during the winter months when there isn’t enough sun around.

How Does The Rain Affect The Horses?

While rain rot and scratches can impact the horse’s skin, heavy rain can also affect your horse’s hooves

Hoof conditions such as thrush, white line disease, or a hoof crack often emerge in wet weather. 

To prevent these occurrences, it is crucial to create an environment to stand with clean, dry feet.

Why Would A Horse Stand In The Rain?

Sometimes it suits some horses to stand in the rain. Horses’ hair is like a shield for these weather conditions. 

Whenever it’s not raining too hard, horses love to go out in the rain and enjoy the droplets from nature. 

Many horse owners agree that some horses love to go outside in the rain to get wet as we do, but sometimes they don’t afford a single drop.

What Do Horses Do In Rain?

Most horses seek shelter in the rain. Horses have a thin coat, and they need shelter from cold or rainy weather because their skin is sensitive to the elements. 

Horses should have some protection during inclement weather so that they don’t get quickly soaked by water which will cause discomfort, illnesses, etc.

Strong and healthy horses bear the low temperature and some rain, but it becomes difficult for them to handle the situation when it comes too hard. 

Where Do Horses Go When Raining?

Normally in Woods. I know it does not sound good, but when they are in a lonely kind of situation, then they took shelter under thick woods. 

They are so powerful and provide excellent shelter to them. In the summer, horses can take to wooded areas or forests as they provide ample shade from the sun. 

They also serve as an excellent location for escaping rain and hail storms that may occur during this time of year.


Horses can get sick if they stay outside when it’s raining. They need a dry place to be out of the rain, so their coat doesn’t become wet and uncomfortable. There is a chance that wet weather can cause some severe issues with your skin and hooves. One condition, in particular, called rain rot, has the potential to be incredibly painful for animals who are affected by it.